The Algarve Wine Society

Our history

The Algarve Wine Society was founded in February, 1997 by Rod Frew, Frank Gerhard and Tony Cook as an informal club for those living in the Algarve who were interested in wine and its accoutrements.

In addition to arranging regular tastings of Portuguese wines in the Algarve and visits to wineries in various wine regions of Portugal a number of overseas trips to South Africa, La Rioja and to Jerez were enjoyed by Members.

By mid-2003 the Society had grown to over 150 members living in the Algarve and it was decided that it was time to organise the Society’s management and control in a more formal way by registering the Society as a non-profit organisation with its own Statutes and Internal Regulations.

The Society’s formal, legal name – Associacao Algarvia dos Appreciadores e Divulgadores do Vinho – was accepted and registered in Lisbon by October, 2003, the Statutes and Internal Regulations were agreed and the Society’s officers elected by the full membership at the AGM of February, 2004, and the Statutes registered with the Loule Concelho in December, 2004.

According to our Statutes, the object of our Association is ‘to organise a forum to disseminate and impart knowledge about wine, the flavours and merits thereof, the art of wine tasting and appreciation, as well as how it is produced, both in vineyards and in wineries, and taught in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere leading to the development of new friendships’.

Since January 2003 the Management Committee has organised over 100 single Algarve events plus overseas trips to Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Burgundy, South Africa, Veneto & Friuli, the Loire, Madeira, Jerez, Toledo, Galicia, Piermonte, La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Bordeaux.